If zombies attack, they're going to eat all of us.

So, I've been thinking about how everyone in the world is equal. Not in the "everyone has the same opportunities and has the ability to make the most of their lives" way. I mean, a poor child in Africa is never going to be equal to a kid in America.

But when it comes to personality, destiny, or flaws. We're all in the same boat.

Every single human being has flaws. Like if you see a gorgeous woman on the bus, who is thin, and obviously well-dressed, you're immediately reminded that you're not as lucky, or pretty or whatever than her. Immediately, you're convinced that she's a bit better than you. Then she starts talking on the phone and every word that comes out of her mouth makes you want to stand up and beat her.

And then you're reminded that she's just like you. She's not perfect, and everything's not like it appears.
Removing all the racial, political, physical, and social factors, if you take two people and compare them, they're equal. Both have issues, and both have good traits as well as negative ones. While one person may have it better in a certain area, the other will have it better in another.

Society complicates that. Stereotypes label you as the person you are, even if that's not your true nature. Politics, religion, and poverty get in the way. Each and every person thinks they're better than the rest of the human race, even if they don't blatantly state it.

I don't know if any of that made sense, and I know that considering how much I bitch about people, this might seem slightly odd. But I think that if you take everything away, no one person is better than another.